Crushed… is coming in a new form

I was on a date a couple of months back. Lovely girl. We’d met online, got along like a house on fire, agreed to meet up for dinner. Dinner went well, she was really easy to talk to, we made each other laugh.

As the night went on we got to talking about our past, as you do, and it came up that I’d once written a book about tracking down and interviewing every girl I’d ever had a crush on from age six to present. Not a surprise, I’d mentioned it in my dating profile.

I confessed that I hadn’t had much luck with traditional publishers. Which was due to a mixture of rejection letters and me getting rejection letter fatigue. (Plus, submitting a book to a publisher is much like doing a job application… and we’re all aware of how much they suck). I had it up on a self publishing site where you could purchase it.

“Oh, have you sold many copies?”

Off the top of my head the real answer is something like 100 copies. I didn’t say that though. I just laughed and gave her my honest answer.

“Not nearly enough. I’m terrible at marketing though. I just want to people to read it. So if friends or co-workers or family show even the slightest interest and I have a spare copy at home I just give it to them free of charge.”

While this was the honest answer, I could see by the expression on her face it wasn’t the right answer. I guess when you’re trying to win over a girl’s affections you’re meant to show yourself to be more ambitious, more… determined.

Still though, I thought she was lovely, and even though there were a couple of minor hiccups. (That particular conversation being one of them) I thought we might have something. There was a sneaking suspicion the feeling wasn’t mutual however, which I dismissed as first date nerves.

It wasn’t. She texted me the next day very complimentary but commented she felt not real chemistry between us. It’s okay. It happens. And to her credit – it was the nicest  and honest rejection I’d received in a while.

Still though, the conversation about the book stuck in my head. Not that I hadn’t sold enough copies, or that I hadn’t cared about copies not selling (and how that had been taken), but that my answer was completely honest… I just wanted people to read it.

Cut to months later, specifically last night, when I had an idea. I checked with my childhood friend Kirsty (who I got back in contact with while writing the book and re-igniting that friendship was probably one of the best things to come out of it) that the idea wasn’t totally crazy and she agreed.

So here it is:

I’m going to release my book chapter-by-chapter in a series of blog posts. One every few days. Edited, so those missing words friends and family have mocked me about over the years aren’t present, and in at least one circumstance with further name changes to stop a lawyer coming after me.

So you can read it in all of its glory. If you want to buy the full version then I’m all for it. It’s available at:

I’ll aim for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.

I’ll post here if you are following it, but I’ll also setup a blog separately for it at the above address ( So stay tuned. Fun is coming!

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