The “Waiting For Forever” Phenomenon

It wasn’t a particularly eventful day. I was randomly browsing through youtube when I stumbled across an interview with Rachel Bilson about her film ‘Waiting For Forever’. I’d clicked on the interview to see if Bilson was an interesting person outside of the character’s she played, she seemed okay, and the movie they described seemed interesting. A guy who had a crush on a girl when they were 10 keeps showing up in her life. The way the interview described it honestly it sounded like a comedy.

Quickly looking up the trailer I found it was more of a serious movie, but the trailer actually made it look really good.

You can watch that here.

See? Intriguing enough to get hold of the movie and watch it. I told my friend Emma about it, who also checked out the movie. A few nights later I put it on to watch and Emma did so at her place around the same time and we texted each other about it throughout. (a not uncommon occurrence)

The movie…. didn’t quite live up to the trailer. I was disappointed but I stuck with it. It seemed very slow, the main character was maybe a little too odd to be completely sympathetic towards, and despite Bilson’s claims of “No, he’s not a stalker” in the interview, the movie has a real hard time against fighting against the stereotype.

Some of the scenes between the main character, Willie, and Bilson’s character are awkward to the point of frustration.

If you can make it to last half hour (my friend Emma didn’t btw, she gave up about 45 minutes in, something which she claims she rarely does with a movie) things actually start happening to make it more interesting.

However still, upon finishing the film, and being disappointed it didn’t live up to expectations I remember shutting off the tv and going to bed thinking I’d never watch that movie again.

So can someone, ANYONE, explain to why since then I’ve voluntarily, on my own, watched the film no less than NINE TIMES?!?!

I haven’t even watched Source Code, Shawshank Redemption, 500 Days of Summer, or either of the new Star Trek movies NINE times and I actually LIKED those movies. (Mallrats and Princess Bride are other stories entirely…. I’m certain the amount of times I’ve seen each of those more than double ‘nine’ on their own.)

It started innocently enough, I was cooking dinner so I thought I’d randomly put on something, effectively as background noise, that I didn’t have to pay that much attention to because I’d seen it before. What drove me to choose Waiting For Forever is something I’m yet unable to explain.

Which would’ve been okay. A second attempt to see if I liked the movie better on a second ‘less invested’ watch. I would’ve understood that. I would’ve been OKAY with that.

Yet, a few nights later, I was eating dinner, and in a moment of indecision of what to watch while I ate… I put the movie on again.

Eventually I confessed to my friends, perplexed as to the words coming out of my mouth as they were, that  I’d watched a total of 7 times.

So why do I keep watching this?

Now, in my defense, on at least two occasions when I’ve popped the dvd in the dvd player I’ve hit skip and jumped to the point where there was only half hour left. And as I stated earlier, the last half hour is the more interesting part. (maybe I should do a fan edit which cuts down the first half? Like Topher Grace did with the Star Wars Prequels)

I can’t tell you why I’ve watched it so many times. It perplexes even me.

Is it because I find parallels to my own life? Unlucky in love but determined to never gave up hope in it? Tracking down a girl he had a crush on years ago. (hell, I wrote a book on that) Blindly pursuing a girl who everyone tells you have no chance with? (*cough* Abigail Beckett *cough*) Having a crush on a girl for years with no apparent logic or reason sustaining it? (*cough* Autumn *cough*)


My friend Emma was just as perplexed as I was.

EMMA: I’ve stuck through a lot of bad movies. It’s rare I give up halfway through.
LIAM: But the last half hour is the best part.
*moment of realisation*
LIAM: Dear god I’m defending it now.

I’ve watched the trailer a bunch of times as well.
I can UNDERSTAND watching the trailer of bunch of times.
The trailer portrays a movie which seems far superior to the finished product.
I evem have the soundtrack on my phone.

I guess there’s something perplexingly attaching about the movie. Not 12 Monkeys/Memento/Primer perplexing. Not ‘I need to watch this a million times so I can catch every small part I missed’.

More ‘I need to keep watching to find out why I keep watching’ I guess.

It’s crazy. It’s insane. It makes no sense.

And yet as I finish this blogpost, I have it playing it again in the background.

Nine Times?!?!?


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