The Completey Wise and Logical Decision To Do 300 Push-Ups a Day for 20 days

So my friend Emma and I were discussing the craziness of Crossfit one night, which of course lead to looking up hilarious Crossfit fails videos on youtube.

As youtube does, it suggested a video that I also might like on the right hand side of the page. The video depicted a man a claiming massive gains from doing 300 Push-ups in a day. 300 a day? This is madness! After watching the video (link: ) it was revealed it wasn’t 300 in a row, it was 100 in the morning, 100 in the afternoon, 100 at night shortly before bed. This seemed do-able.

Plus, I had other motivations, one of which I’ll discuss next blogpost, the other was that the guy in the video kinda annoyed me. Not just his personality, but because he already had a ripped physique going in. Sure he could do 300 push-ups a day! But what if an everyman did it? A slightly overweight everyman who was doggedly persistent.

So I decided to do it.

Telling only a few close friends and family (all who strongly questioned my sanity but were all very encouraging) as I wasn’t sure I would succeed, plus there was an ‘incident’ with public announcements when I did the 1000 mile challenge last year I may discuss at another time.

Promising to detail the entire thing, and do a humourous as I could youtube video at the end I set out to complete the 300 pushup a day a challenge. The results are below. Don’t get dissuaded by the overly detailed first two entries, they briefer (but attempting to maintain humour) as they go on:

300 Push-Ups A Day Challenge.

Day 1.
Morning 100
Wow, this was relatively easier than I thought it was going to be. Pacing myself I effectively did 20 lots of 5. So I’d do 5, very short break, and then another 5 etc until I hit 20 (it would take about five minutes) then I’d take a five minute break and repeat. Didn’t really start getting major fatigue until about the 80 mark.
Afternoon 100.
Okaaaay. That was harder. More effort required. I fear the final 100 before bed.
Night 100.
My muscles hate me. I have succeeded. I crawl into bed to read my arms are too tired to hold the book up. Sleep please.
Day 2.
Woke up and deliberately put off getting up as much as I could as I knew the push ups awaited me. Luckily, didn’t put it off too long because I had a wedding to get to that afternoon
Morning 100.
Oh god. Everything hurts. Carrying the stuff from my car down to the where the wedding was taking place was near torture. A small part of me is praying for death. Oddly, the first 100 of the day, while taking much more effort than all previous efforts, was completed in an unintentional faster time.
Evening 100
Great fear of the this lot was had. Wasn’t so bad though. And don’t anywhere near as destroyed after as I was expecting.
Night 100
Business as usual. Tried to watch a tv show and do so at the same time. This would prove to be inadvisable.

Day 4.
Surprisingly I’ve noticed it’s a lot easier. Each 100 takes generally the same amount of time as it did in the beginning, but I am nowhere near as destroyed as I was on the first couple of days.

Day 7.
Each session of 100 now only takes 25 minutes or less whereas on Day 1 each session took about an hour. Finding it relatively easy now I jokingly suggest to my friends Emma, Ben & my sister-in-law Penny that I should start using the 10kg weight vest I own to do the push-ups in for bigger gains. All three advise me this is a terrible idea, and wisely suggest I try doing it after the 20 days is complete. Ben very wisely reminding me of the last weight vest injury which dislocated part of ankle and left me unable to run for seven months. I completely agree it would probably be a bad idea to start using the vest. Not using the weight vest is a completely logical decision done with reason and forethought. So of course….

Day 9.
I have used the 10kg weight vest for 200 of the day’s 300 pushups.

Day 10.
Muscle soreness as returned. Also blind stubbornness has too. I manage to do all 300 push-ups in the weight vest. I have also concluded it would be awesome to start taking the daily progress shots with a walking stick so I could edit it all together to the song ‘Puttin On The Ritz’

Day 13.
I accidentally oversleep and have to skip the morning 100 to get to work on time. To compensate I do 150, in the 10kg weight vest,  when I get home. After the date I’m about to go on I plan to do another 150 before bed. The date is horrible enough to almost warrant a blog post all of its own but that ain’t happening. Either way, depressed I make it home and don’t even switch on the lights in my apartment. After an hour of moping I decide to do the second 150 for the day without the weight vest so it’s easier.

Day 15.
I have now officially missed the morning 100 for three days and have to compensate with two lots of 150 after work. I bait myself into a false sense of security but not using the weight vest for the first 50 then BAM! Weight Vest time. Bet you didn’t see that coming did you, muscles? No? What are you to do about it?

Day 17.
I have noticed an unsettling ache in my left shoulder. This is the point where I tell you that due to recovery from the aforementioned ankle issue I’ve done the entire challenge one footed (ie; with one hooked over the other – they’re slightly harder than normal pushups.) I suspect the weight vest may play a role in causing the shoulder ache especially when….

Day 19.
I skip the weight vest on the day’s second lot of 150 completely and notice the shoulder doesn’t hate me anywhere near as much. I wisely have kept the weight vest under wraps telling only Ben of my disregarding of his completely logical advice.

Day 20.
Last day! I do the morning’s 150 on time (once again skipping the weight vest for the first 50 before subjecting my muscles to surprise torture), and then do the last 150 on the challenge when I get home from work. I am done! I take the last photo to celebrate.



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